First Light

Potent, pleasurable tight-nug
bouquet of luxurious sweet
delight with skunky undertones

New Berry

High yield, sweet
fruity, anti anxiety


Complex yet subtle palate
of a creamy vanilla-honey blend
with a hint of floral bouquet.


A mostly indica
that dates to
the late 1970’s.


Unique motivational high
and the flavor of old school
Nepalese temple hash.


Potent, resinous and flavorful, fruity,
musky and terpene rich, provides long,
relaxing narcotic high




Since the late 1970’s DJ Short has been pioneering cannabis breeding and has since then created many iconic marijuana strains like Bleberry, Flo and Vanilluna. They are also the ancestors of many of today’s popular ganja varieties and household weed names.

DJ Short Seeds are being sold under the Old World Genetics brand and are amomg the most trusted and sought-after all over the world.


Limited Release



Limited Release cannabis seeds are only available for a short period at a time, and some may disappear into the Seed Vault indefinitely, so get your hands on them while they’re available.

As one of the most
important breeders of our
time, DJ Short raises
the bar for all cannabis
cultivators with his
original mix of new and
Old World Genetics.

DJ Short Beach Towel

Striking custom designed beach towel with DJ Short logo and blueberry helix and THC molecule.

Old World Genetics



DJ Short stands for quality, as far as cannabis seeds are concerned as well when it comes to merchandise.  No matter if you buy one of our custom designed  t-shirts, ashtrays or any other item in our shop, you can be sure that it not onlt looks cool but is also manufactured according to the highest standards.

DJ Short Blueberry Ashtray

Cobalt blue glass ashtray with DJ Short blueberry typography

DJ Short THC Molecule T-Shirt

Black heavyweight T-Shirt with gold color THC molecule printed on the front.

DJ Short Blueberry Cuff Links

Stylish cuff links with DJ Short blueberry illustration.

DJ Short Skate Deck

Super cool custom designed skate deck with DJ Short illustration and blueberry helix.




Pot and art is a synergystic blend that most cannabis aficionados high-ly appreciate.

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