Whitaker Blues

Developed by DJ Short’s son, ‘JD’, the Whitaker Blues is a true Oregon heritage cross. The mother of the Whitaker Blues is currently referred to as ‘Quimby’; an old school, West Coast staple cut – strong and sleepy in its effect. Quimby was crossed with DJ’s Blueberry father, making the Whitaker Blues appear approximately 80% indica and 20% sativa in structure.


Whitaker Blues is a stout hybrid, short branching, sporting large, compact buds loaded with resin – very vigorous and productive, with hues of violet and blue at its 55 – 62 day finish. Matured buds have a pungent/sweet velvety grape and slightly vanilla flavor. Reaction is strong with slight initial stimulation, inspiring increased appetite (munchies) and a sedate after effect.