New Berry

New Berry is a fruity, sweet-sour, high yielding treat from the archives of DJ Short’s seed vault. Blue Heaven, in all of her anti-anxiety wonder resurrected to mother this seed-line with the F4 Blueberry male as sire, this offering presents the best phenotypes from both worlds. ┬áNew Berry sports excellent vigor on a hefty hybrid of even branching with thick stems to support dense nuggets of medium-sized calyx clusters.


Deep hues of violet to blue to dark black develop over the whole plant near harvest. This strain is highly resinous with a distinct musky finish of ripe, burgundy berries. The finished product boasts a very potent release of comfort, and uplifting relaxation, renown and appreciated for its anti-anxiety appeal. Prized for its focused clarity with long duration and lack of longterm burnout, this is an elite about to be known as great mood elevator.