In our gallery you will not only find spectacular photos of cannabis plants with the beauty of exotic flowers, all grown from different varieties of DJ and JD Short seeds, but you are also able to enjoy mind expanding images of visionary art, laced with sacred geometry and trippy patterns.

Visionary Art

The pieces below are created by Colorado based visionary artist Ralf Schuetz, whose digital paintings are a fusion of styles that include elements of the surreal, psychedelic and steampunk realms. Visionary art has the potential to open the door to these higher planes and to make parts of the unconscious conscious, thus freeing us from the collective shackles of limitations. Every great idea, may it be a brilliant invention, a fantastic piece of art or a journey to explore the farthest reaches of our galaxy, starts from within. Everything material starts with the immaterial, that’s how it’s always been and forever will be because it’s divine truth. Visionary art’s purpose is to remind us of that truth so we can turn inward to create our own version of reality instead of being tossed around by perceptions of external circumstances.

Cannabis Portraits

The beautiful and ever expanding collection of cannabis photos below are shot by JD Short, who is not only working closely together with his father DJ in breeding ingenius strains of weed, but is also a passionate photographer, specialized in shooting portraits of the sativa and indica ladies he and his dad cultivate.

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