First Light

First Light, the promise of a new dawn, is a cross between the Happy Pussy F4 Mother and the F4 Blueberry Male. Stretch Indica applies to this strain with growth patterns and yield similar to Blueberry. Featuring some purple resins and dark overtones, the phenotypic expressions of First Light range between the ‘makes you purr’ pleasurable contributions of the HP mom, who offers a smooth, sweet palate lacking any high 


notes or astringent tingles—to the sedate, relaxing fruitiness of the BB with more anise (licorice), burgundy and skunky indica funk. A potent and long-duration effect is noted providing a nice, comfortable body/head mix that mellows to a pleasant and sedate finish. Another unique and original offering, with potentially award winning and future elite status, from the stables of DJ Genetics. Enjoy!