K/FK-K45 Cannabis Plant

This is the next r&d project for Dj Short Genetics being tested out in the Second Generation Genetics gardens.

The plants pictured came from two different seed lots in Dj’s back-stock. One was labelled K/FK-K45 and the other was labelled K5/K45. They are from two very closely related lines within Dj’s Blue family and may be directly related. Further examination of the progeny will tell.

The plants have been culled down to 4 total for this pollination r&d run. All 3 females are from the K/K45 stock while the male selected is from the K/FK-K45 stock. Two other males from the K/K45 stock are being kept in back-up clone form in the breeding stable for further examination. The male selected for this pollination was selected for his unusually green appearance.

Before beginning this round of r&d Dj advised that to be on the look out for a “green male.” He suggested looking for and selected the greenest one which seemed odd because exceptionally green plants aren’t common in Dj’s work. But sure enough all plants are expressing unusually high amounts of green. The male selected for this run is pure green, perhaps one of the greenest plants seen from Dj’s stock in the SGG gardens. The male may exhibit some colour yet. Several of the females also displayed this unusually high amount of green colouring and will be pollinated with their sibling brother and testing will be done on the progeny.

The plants in the pictures are at 3 weeks in flower. The male just started dropping pollen. All plants smell of sweet floral herbs and dank woodsy spice. Once a new male is selected for breeding he will be used to pollinate the females in both the SGG and OWG gardens for testing and public release.