DJ Short Engraved Plasma Lighter


State of the art USB chargeable plasma lighter, that has an old school Zippo vibe to it. With no toxic fumes to worry about, it’s the perfect gadget to light up a blunt.

If you're in the market for the perfect lighter for your pre-rolls or pipes, a plasma lighter is your best choice. These gadgets also go by the name of Tesla Coil Lighter or Electric Arc Lighter and their biggest plus is that they're butane free, which means you don't have deal with toxic carcinogen exposure. This doesn't only reduce your health risk but also makes the lighter environmentally friendly, especially since the batteries are rechargeable through a USB cord.

Mixing the old with the new. The DJ Short Plasma Lighter works with this futuristic plasma beam technology but gives you the nostalgic, familiar vibe of an old school Zippo flip top lighter and has the DJ Short logo engraved on one side. The device has a shiny steel surface, a heavy and solid feel to it, and comes in a little gift box that includes a short USB charging cable for your convenience.


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