Seven Of Nine is a sativa leaning F13 hybrid.

Seven Of Nine, a full spectrum representation of the original F-13 line.

Available Early April 2020

The name is derived from the ratio of keeper phenotypes witnessed in the test grow of the Seven of Nine seed stock. 5 female mothers and 2 male pollen donors of the original F-13 line were used to create this stock. A Sativa leaning hybrid of outstanding quality herb, this release encompasses all the stellar goodness of the F-13 line. Medium tall plants of vigorous growth making these easy to grow and maintain. Flavors of tart earthen musk, floral skunk along with tropical fruity citrus and some woodsy cedar, chocolate shoe leather and cologne make up the arrays of odors contained within this line. The effect is sublime, no bs distractions that cuts through most other highs to dominate with a pure, medicinal satisfaction, or simply; ‘ahhhh‘. Relaxing and calming with good uplifting notes, this one shines with delight.

13 seeds per pack.
219 total unique numbered whole packs.
Plus approx 219 5-seed packs.
Exclusive One-Time-Only release as both the mothers and fathers are no longer alive.
Flowering time 65 to 72 days.
MSRP $180 for the 13-seed packs
MSRP $70 for the 5-seed packs
Whole 13-seed packs come with a 5-seed New Berry freebie!

Key Words; Sativa leaning F-13 hybrid, satisfying smoke, tart earthen musk, tropical fruity citrus, woodsy cedar, sublime, potent medicinal satisfaction, relaxing and calming with uplifting feel.