Temple Flo is an indica dominant, Highland Oaxaca leaning hybrid.

Temple Flo, earthen, heady, motivational and focused

Available Early March 2020

Parents: One male and one female each from the ‘TF/TF’ line of 1995. A True Forward Filial Cross of the ‘TF/TF’ line

A very Highland-Oaxaca leaning hybrid in both growth structure and overall finished effect.

Temple Flo in its true forward filial cross (both parents from the same 1995 ‘TF/TF’ stock) is one of the main building blocks of the Flo line. A taller, more solid branching structure supports heavy nugs of green/purple goodness. The ‘Christmas tree-like’ structure produces tight clusters of small-calyx buds with a subtle to strong aroma of earthen-floral, temple-ball hashish flavor. The effect is more heady, focused motivational, and not so much body, yet relaxing, with a long lasting (2 to 3 hours) high. An excellent selection to cross in a more heady effect to another more-body variety. Plus, the opportunity to find some true homozygous recessives in this lot is more highly probable.